Sheesha’s Sneak Peek — Bartr World

AMA Video Recap

Q&A with Bartr World

1. Can you tell us more about your experience, and what brought you into crypto? You must have had a solid understanding of both blockchain and telecommunications to be able to put the two industries together so effectively.

2. In Telecoms, it’s clear that the technologies being used are outdated. From manually updating customer’s contracts, to entering credit, and storing all call data on centralised databases for each independent service provider, with no easy access to relevant data from other providers. How exactly does Bartr aim to improve technical and operational efficiency for telecoms companies using blockchain?

3. Using Bartr, are people able to call each other directly over the blockchain like regular internet calls?

4. How many countries around the world does Bartr plan to extend its services to?

5. If Bartr can aggregate call data on the blockchain and improve the efficiency of complex data tracking, does this put all existing telecom providers at a disadvantage for using Web2 infrastructure?

6. Does Bartr plan to serve customers directly, or is the business model geared towards improving existing businesses?

7. Is providing telecoms services on the blockchain better or worse for privacy, considering the data ledger is public?

There we have it!

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