Sheesha Finance Spotlight on Metafluence

Today Our Spotlight Focus is on Metafluence.

Metafluence is the first platform of its kind. It enables influencers to monetize their social media influence and creativity in the Metaverse.

As social media makes its inevitable transition to the Metaverse, the project’s vision is to build an influencer-centric ecosystem. At Metafluence, social media influencers, audiences, and brands are easily engaged in transparent and incentivized relations. Metafluence is on a mission to convert social media Influencers into metaverse entrepreneurs (Metapreneurs) through the influence-to-earn Metafluence platform.

The project’s solutions for influencers automatically address the brand and audience challenges, enabling all the parties to thrive in Web 3.0.

The Challenges and Opportunity

Despite the fast-paced social media trends of metaverse and NFTs, Influencer Marketing is still in its infancy. The Influencer Marketing triangle of influencers, brands, and audiences still experience unaddressed challenges. While Influencer Marketing is worth only $15 billion, Metaverse and NFTs’ estimated market is worth more than $1 trillion.

Moreover, brands continue to seek more transparent, data-driven, and performance-oriented solutions in influencer marketing, while influencers are looking for better methods to monetize their influence. However, both brands and influencers face numerous challenges (e.g. fraudulent social media activity, lack of data-driven solutions, payment issues, etc.), and the influencer audiences endure limited inclusion towards relations with influencers. The lack of a universal solution that would fit the needs of the triangle of brands, influencers, and their audiences, is hindering the sustainable growth of influencer marketing in the modern era.

An All-In-One Influencer Opportunity

Each prominent social media platform has its advantages and disadvantages alongside unique features. It is nearly impossible to build an all-in-one social media platform that has all the positive features of the different platforms without the downsides.

However, it is possible to build an influencer-centric Metaverse on top of the prominent social media platforms which address the common challenges, while offering a better incentive-based commercial solution.

Metafluence — A Metaverse City for Influencers

Metafluence is the name of a city in the metaverse which is ruled by SM influencers. Influencer homes (Metahuts) and Land plots are the main architectural elements of the city and will serve as personalized spaces in the metaverse. Owning Metahuts or Land plots will provide benefits including discounts, rewards in form of NFTs, or voting power within the ecosystem. While both, Metahuts and Land plots provide certain benefits, Metahuts are very limited in comparison and offer more value. Owners of the land plots will be able to upgrade the plots into Metahuts over time.

Metahuts are metaverse homes consisting of multi-purpose virtual rooms: Event Room, NFT Room, Shopping Room, and others. In terms of the features, Metahuts will have more or fewer rooms based on influencers’ SM audience size, however, any Metahut features or assets, including the rooms can be obtained with an additional expense or upgrades. The rooms are personalized spaces within Metahuts, and they will allow influencers to better monetize their SM influence, engage closely with their audience and brands in the Metafluence ecosystem. The Metahut rooms are as distinct as follows:

NFT Room will allow influencers to showcase or sell NFTs that they created or own.

Event Room will allow influencers to hold public, private, or premium events with their audience. In-room events can be held in collaboration with other influencers.

Shopping Room is a special place where hosts can set up their marketplace for digital and physical products and collaborate with brands through sponsorships.

Game Room will allow influencers to display their game collection, make recommendations, and sell certain games through affiliate partnerships. Visitors will be able to see and download the games from official sources.

Crypto Room will allow influencers to display and support their favorite crypto projects.

Custom Room is a solution (usually for bigger influencers or celebrities) per request and this type of room can be constructed by the Metafluence team.

At the early stages, a limited number of Metahuts and Land plots will be granted to early-adopting influencers or partners. To be considered an influencer, one must have at least 100+ engagements (combined total of likes, comments, and shares) on one of his/her SM channels. Up to 100 influencers can group in Influencer clans (Metaclans) to unify their SM influence and reach. Influencers, their audiences, and brands will be able to engage in a variety of events that could be in-clan, public, private, or premium.

Metaclans: In large groups, SM influencers can act as a great force on the internet, reach millions of audiences, and help to promote each other. As Metafluence is an influencer-centric platform, we think Metaclans will play an important role to set a distinctive value for influencers within our ecosystem. Metaclans will have features such as synchronized SM boosting for members, co-created activities and events, competitions (clans vs clans), governance, and earned group reputation.

Synchronized SM Boosting: One of the main advantages of Metaclans is to allow influencers to benefit from each other’s SM reach. The clans can be consisted of up to 100 influencers and once an influencer joins a Metaclan, he/she is obligated to follow the rules of the clan or lose the membership. An influencer can be a part of only one Metaclan at a time.

In-clan Discussions: Influencers will be able to come together, socialize and have discussions or plan their next collaborative events.

Co-created activities and events: Certain influencers from the clan or the entire clan will be able to come together and have certain events. For example, playing a game together, having a contest, etc.

Competitions (clans vs clans): Metaclans can compete in different events over certain prizes. Such events can be organized by the Metaclans or Metafluence.

Governance and Metaclan reputation: Clan’s governance model will allow selection of clan leaders, the council, and it will allow voting on certain decisions. The governance power of influencers will be determined by the amount of $METO tokens that they hold or stake, and in-clan activities will earn reputation points for the influencers.

Events: As Metafluence ecosystem is commercially oriented, the main focus of the events is to allow influencers to monetize their SM reach and influence, whether it’s audience participation or brand sponsorships. The events can be held as Public events (accessible by everyone), Private events (in guest rooms of Metahuts), or Premium events (accessible for the event ticket holders or $METO token holders/stakers).

The brand side of the Metafluence platform will be focused on the advertising aspect in the metaverse and the direct influencer relations, and event sponsorships. Moreover, brands will have access to features such as influencer discovery, influencer analytics, campaign performance, and keyword monitoring.

The audience side of the platform will be built with a strong emphasis towards more engagement with influencers via their Metahuts or events, community reputation, and badges based on metaverse activity.

Revenue Streams

Establishing a robust model for continuous revenue streams will ensure the viability and sustainability of the Metafluence ecosystem, and will allow us to continue future developments. The major expected revenue streams are as follows:

Transaction fees

- NFT sales and trades

- Affiliate Commissions

- Event tickets

Meta assets

- Metahut sales, features, and upgrades

- Metafluence NFTs with perks

- Brand Stores


- City Billboards

- Branded NFTs

- Event Sponsorship

$METO Utility and Governance Token

$METO will act as a native utility token of the Metafluence ecosystem by empowering and incentivizing all the parties. Users who hold, stake, or transact with $METO, will be given certain privileges and benefits.

10.2% of the entire $METO supply will be dedicated to growing the ecosystem by incentivizing new and existing users. These funds will be distributed among mostly influencers and their audiences within a few years after the launch (includes referral payouts too). New tokens will not be issued once the user growth pool is exhausted.

The $METO token utility includes but is not limited to the following:

Purchases and transactions

- NFTs

- Metahuts, Home assets (e.g. rooms), or upgrades.

- Event tickets, premium access

- Services (promotions or tools)

- Brand stores

Community incentives

- Token holder incentives

- Transaction fee incentives

- Affiliate incentives

- Activity incentives

- Staking incentives


- Voting

- Curation

- Metaclan memberships

Token Information

Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 $METO

- Seed Sale: 160,000,000 METO

- Private Sale 1: 300,000,000 METO

- Private Sale 2: 100,000,000 METO

- Private Sale 3: 70,000,000 METO

- Public Sale: 110,000,000 METO

- Initial Market Cap: $322,500 USD

- Fully Diluted Market Cap: $37,5M USD

- Initial circulating supply: 43,000,000 METO (0.86%)

- Token type: BEP-20

- Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Token Distribution

The Metafluence Team and Partners

Elvin Aziyev - CEO and Co-Founder

Elvin is a Blockchain enthusiast and business development expert with years of experience in B2B, project management, and influencer marketing. Elvin is motivated by driving innovative strategies and creating solutions for influencer marketing. He believes in authenticity and a human touch in modern marketing even in the modern era of digitalization and the Metaverse.

Vagif Abbasov - CBO and Co-Founder

Vagif has 16 years of experience in Management and Digital Marketing. He is a motivated and forward-thinking product owner with years of experience in a dynamic SaaS environment and is an expert in influencer marketing. Vagif is passionate about new technology and how it can enhance our lives and has over 10 years of experience working with tech start-ups and digital marketing projects.

Elshad Yusifli - CTO and Co-Founder

Elshad has over 15 years of experience in engineering, designing, and implementing complete life cycle applications. Elshad is a blockchain evangelist and crypto advocate. A serial entrepreneur, before Metafluence, Elshad created and co-founded other successful businesses such as Alkredit which is a fintech company, and Nettrends which is a media monitoring tech company.

Emin Vali - CMO and Co-Founder

Emin is a digital marketing entrepreneur and brand strategist. With over 14 years of experience in marketing, Emin is a visionary growth hacker in social media communications.

Faud Karimov - CFO

Faud is a board member in various organizations with over 20 years of experience in finance. He is also a former director of KPMG New York, working on IPO and M&A deals.

Manaf Khudiev - CGO

Manaf is a digital marketing enthusiast with a passion for growth hacking, blockchain technology, influencer marketing, and branding.

Nazrin Musayeva - Head of Communications

Nazrin is an expert in supporting and communicating organizational goals to key internal and external stakeholders. Nazrin also has experience in project management across different industries both within blockchain and traditional sectors.

The Metafluence team is incubated and advised by Master Ventures, BlueZilla, and our own Sheesha Foundry. The project also has support from teams such as the Dutch Crypto Investors, 2A Ventures, Blockchain Invest Capital, Girnas Capital, Interstellar Ventures, CRT capital, GTS Ventures, and many more, with partnerships by Decubate, IKONIC, ARize, DigiCorp Labs, UpFi, and Solchicks.

Closing Thoughts on Why We Like Metafluence

Social media influencers have a large impact when it comes to promoting and supporting trends and enhancing community involvement.

An influencer’s audience can determine what makes or breaks a project or product. Meaning that influencers with a large following have a substantial amount of power when getting eyes on a particular idea or trend.

Metafluence is creating a place for these influencers to come together and thrive. Providing a one-stop place where they can better monetize and interact with their audiences and community.

One of the problems with social media is the disconnection between platforms. Influencers are often trying to juggle content between their social media platforms. Often leaving audiences members left out if they are not active on every platform.

Metafluence allows influencers to engage with their community like never before and provides audiences with the chance to never miss an event. Audiences can also engage with their favorite influencers on a more personal level. They can interact with like-minded community members, resulting in a thriving community ecosystem.

The Metafluence ecosystem is likely to attract influencers as it provides multiple benefits in the ability to monetize and interact with their large social media following. As the number of influencers grows on the Metafluence platform, their audience is likely to follow. Resulting in a very fast adoption and expansion of the entire Metafluence ecosystem. This will likely further drive adoption enhancing the value of the Metafluence platform and the native $METO token.

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