Sheesha Finance Spotlight on Gaimin

What Is Gaimin?

Gaimin allows users to generate passive income for free. Image via Gaimin
Microsoft CEO warns that the world is running out of computing power. Image via Mobile Marketing Magazine

Sounds Complex, How Does This Work?

Users can get started in four easy steps. Image via Gaimin

Gamers as Gaimin Users

The Opportunity Is Massive!

  • Internet through protocols like the Helium Network
  • Supply chain logistics networks through projects like Authentium
  • Medical and health care through projects like Aimedis
Some of the markets that will have a massive demand for processing power. Image via Gaimin’s Whitepaper

Gaimin Platform Functional Components

App Download and Installation

AI Monetization, GPU Processing Aggregation and Blockchain Mining

GMRX Passive Rewards and Wallet

Gaimin Marketplace and Community

The Gaimin Mobile App

Gamer Entertainment

Gaimin Multiverse

Unreal Engine Infrastructure

  • A custom metaverse
  • Token economy
  • Interoperable NFTs
  • And an automated computational power buyback system
  • A truly unique and personalised relationship with their community
  • Their own rewards ecosystem.

The GMRX Token and Rewarding the Gamer

The Gaimin Team and Partners

  • Martin Speight — CEO and Co-Founder
  • Clive Aroskin — COO and Co-Founder
  • Andrew Faridani — CMO and Co-Founder
  • Robert van Shaik — CFO and Co-Founder
  • Calvin Adamus — CPO and Co-Founder
  • Buki Ben Natan — CFO and Co-Founder
  • Joseph Turner — CGO

Closing Thoughts on Why We Like Gaimin

Buy and Stake $SHEESHA Tokens to Earn Gaimin’s Token Rewards



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