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Today Our Spotlight Focus is on Zone

Zone is a community-driven GameFi ecosystem that is working towards cross-compatibility with other blockchains to maximize user adoption. Simply put, Zone is introducing a way for gamers to have decentralized fun and interact with other gamers regardless of their blockchain network, gaming platform, or game of choice.

Zone is the first-ever GameFi ecosystem built on the lightning-fast, scalable and secure Algorand blockchain. Traditional, non-blockchain-built games are brought into the world of DeFi through the Zone protocol, allowing for simplified on-chain gaming challenges and fantasy sports.

Zone puts an end to fragmented gaming communities by providing cross-platform support. Zone GameFi is cross-chain, allowing players to transport value between blockchains and interact with players on other chains. Players from multiple blockchains can play a variety of games together using ZONE without leaving their native blockchain or platform of choice.

This platform is revolutionary as it allows ANY game to be placed on the Zone smart contracts through the game’s API endpoints. This allows users to interact with one another regardless of the game, network, or platform. These smart contracts execute the instruction set based on the state of the gameplay or any decentralized Oracle-based off-chain data, allowing for virtually any gamification instance per model.

Gamification to all online games with open APIs can allow for millions of possible gaming integrations. Zone Play is also non-custodial, meaning users are always in control of their funds. Simple crypto wallet management can be utilized through email, social logins, and SMS. This allows gamers that are not well versed in crypto the chance to get involved in gaming challenges and earn crypto token rewards.

Introducing Zobo, The GameFi Bot for Discord

This is where Zone gets really cool, highlighting how this platform is revolutionary and the Zone team are frontrunners in the decentralized GameFi space.

Zobo instantly bridges Web2 games to Web3 behind the scenes without requiring users to manage any complicated crypto wallets or private keys. This makes it the ideal way for traditional gamers and eSports enthusiasts to get involved in GameFi without the need for any in-depth knowledge about the Crypto ecosystem. Zobo allows users to challenge their peers directly in Discord and gives server owners the ability to monetize their community through Zobo’s fee-sharing model.

Zobo is a completely free and easy-to-use GameFi bot for Discord that enables on-chain gaming challenges between friends. Zobo also allows users to get involved and participate in gaming challenges regardless of the game, platform, or community they are in. Users should be able to play the games they want with the people they want while also deriving monetary value out of the experience.

Game Challenges
Zobo allows challenging other players to games of skill. For example, do you and a friend both think you are the best race car driver? That sounds like a wager to me, why not bet them to a race? Zobo uses familiar commands already used across gaming communities and through on-chain smart contracts the winning amount can be directly sent to the players’ wallet after the match.

Monetize Discord Communities
Discord has the largest eSports and gaming community in the world with over 6.5 million servers. Most of these groups are centered around eSports, gaming, traditional sports, and betting, yet most of these groups remain unmonetized. While these groups remain passionately active, the admins and moderators of these groups who maintain the communities often have no option to monetize their effort for the work that they do. Similar to what Google’s AdSense did for the early internet, enabling millions to monetize their content, Zobo will enable all communities across Discord and other platforms to monetize their groups instantly, with daily payouts that are settled on-chain.

Zone Fantasy Sports
Users can use Zobo’s Fantasy Sports features to form their virtual sports teams and emulate their favorite fantasy leagues on the blockchain. As fantasy owners, users from the best teams can stack up fantasy points throughout the game. The best performing teams win the league and the ZONE token pool along with it.

Zone NFTs- NFTs have become a catalyst for GameFi projects with their ability to act as in-game items with multiple utilities and value. Zone NFTs express the spirit of GameFi where not only are the NFTs themselves gamified, but they, in turn, gamify the Zone ecosystem.

Zone provides a place where users can trade and stake the world’s first gamified, upgradable utility NFTs. ZONE NFTs are multi-utility in nature with both cosmetic and GameFi features, making them highly sought after and valuable as they are ideal as both collectibles and have utility within the Zone community. Zone tokens can also be staked on the Zone platform to earn more Zone and community rewards, allowing users to benefit from the power of DeFi.

Zone NFTs are acquired through opening boxes of loot on Zone Play. Users can buy these loot boxes using Zone or Algorand. These loot boxes can contain valuable items of different rarity levels which can be valuable and have a variety of utilities.

Zone NFTs can also be used as power-ups such as tournament payout multipliers, solo challenge winning multipliers, discounts on loot boxes, staking reward multipliers, transaction fee nullifiers, daily rewards airdrops, and vote flipping NFTs.

These NFTs can be upgraded and can be combined with other NFTs to reach higher tier levels. This way, users can continuously level up and acquirer rare and more powerful NFT cards. The NFTs can be traded and purchased on the Zone NFT marketplace.

Zone Governance and Utility Token
The Zone token is the governance and native utility token that powers the entire Zone GameFi ecosystem. Stakeholders will be rewarded through the usage of the Zone token allowing for community expansion. Players can use the token to pay fees, issue on-chain gaming challenges to friends, stake and earn Zone, unlock fantasy leagues, trade NFTs and other assets, buy loot boxes and vote on governance proposals.

Token name: Zone

Blockchain: Algorand

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

The vesting and distribution plan can be seen below:

The Zone distribution looks healthy as well with the token allocation going primarily to the Zone community and only 20% being held by the team.

The Zone Team, Investors, and Partners

The Zone team is comprised of people from various backgrounds consisting of gaming enthusiasts, and DeFi and Blockchain veterans that bring years of experience to Zone.

CEO — Adi K Mishra

Graduating from Stanford University School of Business Adi knows a thing or two about what it requires to run a business. Adi has experience as the Ex-CEO at Qume which is a crypto derivatives exchange, and also co-founded ZPX and TriggrZ as he is passionate about crypto and technology and enjoys years of experience in this space.

CTO — Kodiswaran B. Janardhana

Kodiswaran has over 23 years of experience in software at all levels including web applications, mobile applications, system software, device drivers, and big data analytics. Kodiswaran is also an entrepreneur at heart and has incubated several digital products from idea to commercialization. He has partnered with and advised on several product start-ups in the areas of IoT, wireless embedded software, and mobile applications. Kodiswaran brings years of experience and knowledge to the Zone team.

Advisors — Borget Sebastien, John Linden, Marwan Alzarouni, Joey Brander

If these names sound familiar, it is because Borget was also the Co-Founder and is the COO of Metaverse giant The Sandbox. John Linden is the CEO of Mythical games, Marwan is the CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center and Joey is the president at First Serve Partners. With such a heavy-hitting advisory team, Zone is well-positioned to capitalize on its years of experience.

Zone is also backed by some big names in the industry such as Borderless Capital, Safron, MH ventures, and more.

Closing Thoughts on Why We Like Zone
Zone is innovating in the GameFi space, providing ways for gamers from different backgrounds to interact with one another in ways that were never possible before. Gaming and eSports are massive industries and Zone is building a way to bring gaming communities together. Not only contributing to the growth of the gaming industry but allowing gamers to come together regardless of their platform, game, or network of choice.

We like the way that Zone can bring people together and provide a platform where anyone in the world has equal access to participate in its play-to-earn gamification model. With such a talented, skilled, and experienced team and advisory board, we are confident that Zone is creating something that is both revolutionary and attractive for gamers that will revolutionize the industry.

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Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.