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The Challenges and Opportunity

Despite the fast-paced social media trends of metaverse and NFTs, Influencer Marketing is still in its infancy. the Influencer Marketing triangle of influencers, brands, and audiences still experience unaddressed challenges. Moreover, a big majority of social media influencers are untapped when it comes to NFTs, Metaverse, and blockchain concepts. Influencer Marketing is still worth only $15 billion while Metaverse and NFTs’ estimated market is worth more than $1 trillion. It is worth exploring the current Influencer Marketing challenges from each party’s perspective:

  1. Influencers struggle to monetize their social media influence and are forced to use more commercially oriented smaller platforms.
  2. Audiences look for more engagement and direct communication with the influencers.

An All-In-One Influencer Opportunity

Each prominent social media platform has its own advantages and disadvantages alongside unique features. It is nearly impossible to build an all-in-one social media platform that has all the positive features of the different platforms without the downsides.

Metafluence - A Metaverse City for Influencers

Metafluence is the name of a city in the metaverse which is ruled by social media influencers. At the early stages, a limited number of Metahuts will be granted to early-adopting influencers. To be considered an influencer one must have at least 100+ engagements (combined total of likes, comments, and shares) on one of their social media channels. Up to 100 influencers can group in an influencer clan to unify their social media influence and reach.


Influencer homes (Metahuts) are the main architectural elements of the city. They will serve as personalized spaces (similar to land plots) in the Metaverse. The Metahuts will consist of rooms that are personalized spaces belonging to the influencers. The Metahuts will allow influencers to monetize their social media influence and engage closely with their audience and brands.


The number of rooms in each Metahut is based on the influencer’s social media audience size. Though any Metahut feature or asset, including the rooms, can be obtained for an additional cost.


Influencers will be able to group together in Influencer clans (Metaclans) to unify their social media influence and reach. Social media influencers can combine forces to further their influence. They will be able to collaborate on events, host clan vs clan competitions, and more. Clans can consist of up to 100 influencers and once an influencer joins a Metaclan they are obligated to follow the rules of the clan. Otherwise, risk losing membership. An influencer can only be part of one clan at a time.


Influencers, Metaclans, and brands can participate in and host events to engage further with their audiences and provide an interactive and immersive experience. Influencers, audiences, and brands will be able to have event access limited to in-clan only, public, private, or premium for VIP access.

Revenue Streams

The Metafluence ecosystem has a robust model for continuous revenue stream ensuring viability and sustainability. The major expected revenue streams are as follows:

  • NFT Sales
  • Affiliate Commissions
  • Event tickets
  • Metafluence NFTs with perks
  • Brand Stores
  • Branded NFTs
  • Event Sponsorship

$METO Utility and Governance Token

The $METO token will act as the native utility token of the Metafluence ecosystem. The utility token will empower and incentivize all the parties on the platform. Users can hold, stake, and transact with $METO, and users who engage with the token will receive certain privileges and benefits. The token will be used to purchase and upgrade the assets within the Metafluence city. These include Metahuts and Metarooms, as well as event tickets, services, and NFTs.

Token Information

Total Supply: 5,000,000,000

The Metafluence Team and Partners

Elvin Aziyev - CEO and Co-Founder

Closing Thoughts on Why We Like Metafluence

Social media influencers have a large impact when it comes to promoting and supporting trends and enhancing community involvement.

About Sheesha Finance

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