Sheesha Finance Spotlight Focus on Bad Days

Sheesha Finance offers a decentralized staking platform that provides solutions for crypto portfolio diversification and rewards across the DeFi, GameFi, NFT and Metaverse space, allowing token holders to have early access to some of the hottest projects in the Crypto industry.

Today Our Spotlight Focus is on Marvelous NFTs and their NFT Gaming Project Bad Days (

Bad Days is a blockchain-based NFT player vs player strategy duelling game that is based on the legendary Stan Lee’s hilarious cartoon series on YouTube, called Bad Days, which can be found on the channel Marvelous TV:

We have all had our “off-days,” the ones where we just aren’t quite as suave or smooth as we would like to be. Some of us have clumsy and, “foot in mouth,” moments way more than we would like to admit, and what makes it even worse is when our favourite films contain action-hero superstars who are always perfectly on point with their cool catchphrases and super smooth “superhero landings.” Sometimes the jealousy makes us want to just…

The Jealousy and Envy Can be Real! Image via Buzzfeed

Thankfully, the legendary and unfortunately late Stan Lee created a massively popular animated short series on YouTube that shows some of our favourite superheroes in less than flattering situations, reminding us that nobody can be perfect all of the time. Bad Days gives us a hilarious, creative and imaginative glimpse of the moments in superheroes daily lives where they don’t quite live up to the “hero,” title and are certainly less than “super.”

The series has become so massively popular, with over 1 billion views on YouTube, that it inspired Co-founders Damian Rolvink and David Palmer of Marvelous NFTs to create a blockchain game, NFT marketplace and ecosystem based on the characters in the series, pulling them, along with their ungraceful tactics, hilarious clumsiness and silly antics into the blockchain gaming space.

Don’t Drink and Fly! Definitely Not One of Iron Man’s Finest Moments Image via Facebook/baddaysTV

Marvelous NFTs Presents: Bad Days the Game
After the huge success of the Bad Days YouTube series, the team that founded Marvelous NFTs have recently announced the launch of Bad Days the game. Bad Days is a decentralized application that runs on the Ethereum network utilizing the Polygon layer two protocol to avoid those pesky gas fees. Bad Days is a fun and interactive game that gives users the ability to own, buy, sell, collect, upgrade, battle, and play unique limited edition digital assets from the Bad Days universe in an exciting player vs player strategy duelling game.

Players can build and customize their heroes, levelling up and modifying them to provide players with an immersive and multi-dimensional way to customize their strategies to defeat other players and show once and for all who the strongest superhero is. Players can enter tournaments and test their skills against other players, earning the in-game currency MNFT as well as in-game NFTs for participating on the gaming platform.

Choose Your Character and Prepare for PvP Battle Image via

By entering different battle environments, players will be able to earn a range of items used to unlock special abilities and upgrade their characters, all being tradable as NFTs in the Bad Days Marketplace. Each character will have an elemental stone that will provide them with an environmental advantage based on the elemental stone cycles, providing a unique feature different to other strategy games. Each stone gives heroes a cosmic, gravity, invulnerability, telekinesis, life force, or teleportation buff, which is added to the character based on the elemental cycle of the game. Each character is equipped with special passive abilities and abilities represented by a power grid which can be upgraded via the Fusion process.

A Look Into The Gameplay Image via Bad Days Whitepaper

Each character will hold a unique set of superpower battle cards that can dictate the moves executed during battle and the Fusion feature is where players will upgrade and level up their characters, making them become more powerful for the next battle. Characters can be upgraded from levels 1–5 and by fusing two level 5 characters together of the same rarity, they can then be further upgraded with boosts applied to their stats.

A Look Into The Gameplay Image via Bad Days Whitepaper

Battle Arenas
The Battle Arena is as epic as it sounds. This is where players will engage in PvP, 3v3, and tournament battles, show off their battle prowess. The battle arena is not for the weak and it will take some serious skill and strategy to take home the prize. The Battle Arena gives players the chance to put their Ethereum on the line, and battle other players to win their ETH.

Tournaments consisting of a minimum of 10 players will be hosted where players will be able to go toe-to-toe, adding their assets to the total prize pool where players in the top 4 will take home a percentage of the pool. The Ranked Arena will allow players to battle daily to rise the daily and season leaderboards to earn elemental stones, utility packs, healing accessories and of course, bragging rights. The Challenge Arena is a place where players will be able to challenge their friends and stake their own rewards, with the Classic Arena being a risk-free place where players can practice and perfect their strategies before putting their assets on the line.

The Different Battle Arenas Image via Bad Days Whitepaper

The Bad Days Marketplace
This is where all the wheeling and dealing, buying and selling magic happens. The marketplace will provide players and investors with the chance to purchase limited-edition character NFTs, regular character NFTs that will have a random chance of being assigned a rarity level at the time of purchase. Utility NFTs give players access to staking and farming pools, and where players can sell and auction their NFTs.

Some of the NFTs That Will be Available Image via

The Play-To-Earn Revolution
Bad Days have built their game using the Play-to-Earn gaming model, and why wouldn’t they? The only thing better than gaming is earning assets with real monetary value while having fun!

That’s right, the Bad Days NFT game will utilize the Play-to-Earn gaming model, similar to the likes of Axie Infinity where players around the world have enjoyed life changing wealth by simply playing a game. 2021 introduced the world to a new economic model and ways in which people can earn an income by simply playing blockchain games. From the United States to the Philippines, people are quitting jobs in droves to be able to earn an income by gaming, a trend that is growing exponentially, providing projects in the Play-to-Earn space with mind-blowing growth potential. I know I would much rather earn an income bouncing Captain America’s shield off someone’s head than sift through company emails trying to keep up with the hundredth memo regarding some boring company policy change.

Bad Days will use a Play-to-Earn model where players can receive the in-game MNFT and Fuse utility tokens, through winning and purchasing or even earn NFTs with real-world value as well as win the staked assets from other players all by engaging in battles. Players will also have the ability to level up their own characters and sell them on the marketplace along with any other unused NFTs, all just for playing games and engaging in the Bad Days ecosystem.

The Bad Days game is a dual token economy; each token serves a game function and utility with the focus on player-generated wealth.

The Marvelous NFTs token “MNFT” has multiple functions. At the core, the token contract has the ability to burn tokens and interact with staking contracts, farming contracts, and be used as an in-game monetary token that players can use to make purchases.

MNFT tokens minted- 275,000,000

Initial supply- 10,312,500

Vault supply- 30,250,000

50,000,000 total circulating supply after deflationary period.

5% fee on all transactions will be divvied up in the following ways:

1% burned

2% to the staking pools

1% liquidity reserve fund

1% goes to the season battle prize pool.

MNFT, Fuse and even partner project tokens can be earned via the battle environments so, get shooting those webs, throwing that hammer or shield, or…..SMASH! and start winning some tokens!

The Bad Days Team and Advisors
One of our favourite things about the team behind Bad Days is they are genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about the industry and fully believe in their project. How do we know this?

Well, David Palmer, one of the co-founders is a massive Marvel fan and collector and has been collecting Marvel comics and memorabilia for years. Not to mention he is an avid NFT collector, amassing over 20,000 NFTs. The other Co-founder and CEO Damian Rolvink is a passionate gamer and long-time crypto enthusiast getting involved in the space all the way back in 2014. Together they have all the background experience, skills, passion, drive and enthusiasm needed to make one heck of an amazing NFT gaming platform that is likely to be highly successful, and more importantly, a whole lot of fun to play!

Damian Rolvink- CEO of Marvelous NFTs
Damian has accumulated over 20 years of experience in engineering, building and project management, specialising in government-funded projects. Getting into blockchain and crypto in 2014, Damian was an early adopter, being drawn in by the many trading opportunities available in the space. Like many of us, it didn’t take him long to discover the new world of online communities and innovation in blockchain technology. Being a gaming enthusiast, Damian found himself particularly interested in blockchain gaming and the NFT space, inspiring him towards the creation of this project.

David Palmer- Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder of Marvelous NFTs
David has 25 years of experience as a supervisor and manager of teams, holding the position of lead supervisor for a construction company. David was first introduced to the space with day trading crypto and soon enjoyed the opportunity to engage with the industry full time. In 2018, David had started producing promotional and marketing videos for a diverse range of blockchain projects and companies, establishing a large network of project leaders and team contacts. Being particularly enthused about NFT gaming projects, exploit testing and assisting alpha and beta processes, co-founding Marvelous NFTs was a natural evolution for him.

The Marvelous NFTs team work alongside some high calibre advisors including our very own Nathan Cooper- CPO and Jei Rahman- CIO. The team also enjoy the advisory expertise of Ralph Kalsi- CEO of Blockchain Australia, Harly Zappino- Founder of Neo Legal, Cody Brown- CTO of Shinies LLC, Germain Ifudu- Co-Founder of TLG Ventures and Han Soh- Director of Capital Markets at Cornwalls Capital

For a full rundown of the whole team and the impressive pool of talented advisors they have amassed be sure to check out their teams page.

To keep up to date on the Marvelous NFTs universe and their antics be sure to follow their socials pages:

Marvelous NFTs:





Powerhouse Partners
Bad Days would not be where they are without their impressive list of heavy-hitting partners. Like Rocket Racoon and Groot, Bad Days have partnered up with some of the biggest names in the Crypto industry. It is always encouraging and helps give confidence to a project when big players who have extensive experience in the industry have confidence in a project as well. In no particular order, Bad days is backed by the likes of Master Ventures, TLG Ventures,, Blockchain Australia, Polygon, Neo Legal, Metaplay and Redfox games to name a little more than a few. A full list of their partners can be found here.

Impressive List of Partners Image via

Closing Thoughts on Why We Like Bad Days

The Bad Days ecosystem has it all going for it!

Hilariously creative and unique cartoon created by the legendary Stan Lee himself and enjoyed by millions-Check

Superheroes- Double-Check

Gaming- Check

Gaming that includes the Play-to-Earn model where players can earn tokens and NFTs with real-world value all while battling friends or other players across the globe in a highly entertaining, immersive, multidimensional strategy-based game- Triple Check! 🤩

We have seen the explosive growth in popularity and adoption of blockchain games featuring the Play-to-Earn model. In fact, Blockchain gaming with NFTs is on pace to be one of the fastest adopted new industries in the history of humanity! The potential in these projects is unparalleled. The problem is that there are a lot of teams coming out of the woodwork now looking to capitalize on this trend, releasing games that have no passion or creativity behind them, boring gameplay with no future playability as they are looking to make a quick buck and take advantage of gamers hopping into any game with the play to earn model hoping to find the next Axie Infinity.

Bad Days certainly does not fall under that category, made up a team who genuinely love NFTs, Gaming and Comics with a sound knowledge and understanding of the blockchain and NFT space, we are highly confident that Bad Days is bringing something unique to the blockchain gaming space that will entice gamers and investors alike.

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Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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