Sheesha Finance Partnership Spotlight: SportBridge

Sheesha Finance is a leading decentralized staking platform that provides investment solutions for crypto portfolio diversification and rewards across the DeFi space, allowing token holders to become early investors in some of the hottest DeFi projects.

Today, we are excited to be announcing our latest partnership with SportBridge (

Simply put, SportBridge is the “people’s game”. A fan engagement and sport management platform that will enable entire leagues, associations and clubs to create new revenue streams from novel fan engagement and to build governance upon blockchain technology. In the future, the Association aims to run a football club as DAO on the platform as a role model for other clubs.

Designed to increase the fanbase and fan engagement for leagues and clubs, SportBridge caters not only to football fanatics but also to the majority of casual fans asking for easy onboarding processes (no crypto talk), gamification and social features. It is the community that will support and help to further develop the ecosystem and be incentivised by receiving staking and community voting rights along with special bonuses.

Audience and Goals of the SportBridge Team Image via SportBridge

“Blockchain technology provides the perfect infrastructure and environment for the sporting industry to evolve and thrive, connecting clubs, athletes, fans and communities in ways that were never possible before. By creating the first football club governed by a DAO, and aiming to decentralize the sporting ecosystem, SportBridge is providing an incredible chance for passionate sports fans to have their say and actively interact with their favourite sporting communities and organizations. This is a fantastic venture for any sports enthusiast and we are excited to be working with SportBridge on this journey.” Says Sheesha Finance CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki.

About SportBridge
SportBridge is a swiss Association that promotes digitalization in sports in economic and organizational terms, in particular decentralized technologies.

Most novel digital fan engagement solutions in football today are designed for the top 5 football leagues and super successful clubs. Knowing that fan loyalty is mostly based on hometown, location or family history, this situation locks out 99% of the fans and other stakeholders. SportBridge creates an opportunity for the 99% by offering a frictionless all-in carefree package for leagues and clubs, which will let stakeholders interact with their peers, considering local conditions and traditions.

Users will buy SPORT token to enter the ecosystem. SPORT tokens need to be staked to unlock features on the platform such as access to exclusive content, gaming, user NFT creation, community-voting rights and other premium features, bonuses and discounts.

Users will be able to buy custom tokens of organisations such as leagues or clubs. Those organizations will determine the specific benefits fans can have on top of the SPORT token such as governance over the club, super rare NFTs, real-life experiences, voting rights on decisions such as line-ups, jersey design or any proposal put forth by a club or league.

Tokens in the SportBridge Ecosystem Images via SportBridge

About Sheesha Finance
Sheesha Finance is a leading decentralized staking platform that allows for premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Sheesha Finance rewards investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders, with unlimited DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects. Sheesha Finance’s easily convertible assets can be freely utilized to maximize rewards and gain exposure to existing and upcoming DeFi projects. With plans to become a member-managed Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), Sheesha Finance is dedicated to upholding full transparency and integrity within the DeFi space.

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Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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