Sheesha Finance Partnership Spotlight: LunarCrush

Sheesha Finance is a decentralized staking platform that provides investment solutions for crypto portfolio diversification and rewards across the DeFi space, allowing token holders to become early investors in some of the hottest DeFi projects.

Today, we are excited to be announcing our latest partnership with LunarCrush (

LunarCrush helps users make informed investment decisions by harnessing the power of real-time social insights, analytics and market metrics. LunarCrush brings the power of social intelligence analytics to crypto and makes it accessible to the average user.

Lunar Crush Landing Page Image via Lunarcrush

“The crypto industry can be a very difficult place to navigate, especially for new investors. It can be very difficult to know the right projects to invest in and those that should be avoided, especially with many projects being falsely hyped and promoted by people without access to the right information or by those with ulterior motives. LunarCrush is providing a service that is greatly needed in the crypto space, helping everyone make better-informed decisions in knowing the projects that are worth investing in. ” Says Sheesha Finance CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki.

The partnership between Sheesha and LunarCrush will open up a mutually beneficial relationship where the Sheesha community will benefit by receiving LUNR utility tokens, which is highly valuable in the LunarCrush ecosystem and LunarCrush will benefit from the Sheesha team’s expertise in the industry, leveraging their vast global network and providing cross-project opportunities, raising awareness and adoption of the LunarCrush platform and Lunr Token.

About Lunar Crush
LunarCrush collects activity across social media for Bitcoin, altcoins, crypto exchanges, influencers and more, in real-time, every single day. The data is interpreted and displayed in a way that averages out what is trending and to what degree, so users can skip the impossible task of sifting through loads of individual data, with one simple view of all information collected.

The greater your understanding of what topics are trending across social media, the better your chances are of getting ahead of the curve, allowing you to get in early to some of the most lucrative trends in crypto. LunarCrush gives you the tools to do that, by revealing real-time social insights like sentiment analysis, social dominance, volume and key market metrics. LunarCrush empowers you to leverage your full investment potential by allowing users to “zoom out,” and hear it all before making investment decisions, which makes it far easier to navigate this new world of opportunities.

Lunar Gives Traders Valuable Insight to a Multitude of Metrics and Data Image via Lunar Crush

The LunarCrush platform has no monthly subscription, no bombardment of adverts, no selling of user’s personal data and users can earn the platform’s LUNR token for sharing the app, referring friends, and using the LunarCrush app. Users can gain access to additional data and features by levelling up as they earn more Lunr Token.

About Sheesha Finance
Sheesha Finance is a leading decentralized DeFi staking platform allowing for premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Sheesha Finance rewards investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders, with unlimited DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects. Sheesha Finance’s easily convertible assets can be freely utilized to maximize rewards and gain exposure to existing and upcoming DeFi projects. With plans to become a member-managed Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), Sheesha Finance is dedicated to upholding full transparency and integrity within the DeFi space.

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Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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