Sheesha Finance Partnership Spotlight: CRT Capital

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3 min readOct 31, 2021

Sheesha Finance is a decentralized mutual fund that provides investment solutions for crypto portfolio diversification and rewards across the DeFi space, allowing token holders to become early investors in some of the hottest DeFi projects.

Today, we are excited to be announcing our latest partnership with CRT Capital ( Crypto Round Table (CRT) Capital is a global community of cryptocurrency investors and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds from all over the world. CRT Capital is the venture capital division of this community, headed by industry veteran and visionary Vinson Leow (Vinny Lee). Starting as a small community of like-minded investors, CRT Capital has grown to over 2,500 investors and has now evolved into a worldwide network of funds, investing over $50 million into projects during private and seed rounds. CRT Capital host prestigious events in locations around the world and are currently focusing their efforts on networking and expanding their community of investors, entrepreneurs, project teams and partners.

The ability to seek out and identify high potential projects and teams is something that both CRT Capital and Sheesha finance know how to do well. The partnership formed between these two teams will provide a mutually beneficial relationship, enabling both teams to more effectively pool resources and carry out their mission of finding the highest potential, top-notch projects, and providing them with the resources needed to encourage the leaders in this space with what they need to be able to shape the world of tomorrow.

“CRT Capital have the excellent ability of knowing how to leverage their network of global investors and source some of the best projects and teams in the space. After our first meeting, it was clear that CRT Capital and Sheesha finance share a similar passion in providing the resources needed to the projects that are going to fundamentally shape the future. Working together with them was a natural step, and we are very excited to be pooling resources and working with CRT Capital and their team.” says CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki, Sheesha Finance.

About CRT Capital
CRT Capital originated as a small group of like-minded investors who aimed to work together and seek out start-up projects and entrepreneurs in need of start-up capital and provide them with the resources that they needed to be effective and successful in their business ventures. Staying true to their origins, now on a larger scale, CRT Focuses on finding and investing in projects that solve the biggest problems faced in the industry, and have proven successful in doing so, as shown in the massive success of some of their portfolio companies such as Partisia, Telcoin, Celsius, Prometheus, Solrazr and chromapolis. Since their beginning, CRT Capital have seen fantastic levels of success, growing their network substantially and partnering up with some of the most well-respected names in the industry such as Paid network, TrustSwap, and Master Ventures. Their investment strategy is simple yet effective: Identify projects that are relatively low risk with high return potential, primarily infrastructure projects and tier 1 protocol public chains and exchanges. Often being granted early access to these projects and private round prices for investment, these opportunities not available to retail investors are enjoyed by the CRT community. CRT Capital strive to make the world a more open place and form better connections within their community, encouraging all of their community members to build real value in the world and in everything they do.

About Sheesha Finance
Sheesha Finance is a leading decentralized DeFi Staking Platform allowing for premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Sheesha Finance rewards investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders, with unlimited DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects. Sheesha Finance’s easily convertible assets can be freely utilized to maximize rewards and gain exposure to existing and upcoming DeFi projects. With plans to become a member-managed Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), Sheesha Finance is dedicated to upholding full transparency and integrity within the DeFi space.

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