Sheesha Finance Partnership Spotlight: Animal Concerts

Sheesha Finance offers a decentralized staking platform that provides crypto portfolio diversification and rewards across the DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Metaverse space, allowing token holders to become early investors in some of the hottest projects in the Crypto industry.

Today, we are excited to be announcing our latest partnership with Animal Concerts (

Animal Concerts is creating the next generation of entertainment experience, providing an intimate and truly unique way for fans to experience live concerts streaming from one-of-a-kind venues where top artists will perform live and stream to audiences globally in the metaverse.

Imagine seeing your favourite artists in concert, but enhanced with an immersive metaverse experience to give fans a truly cutting-edge and never-before experienced way of watching their favourite songs performed by their favourite artists. Gone are the days when fans are stuck 90 rows back from a stage, squinting to watch a concert, and regret not bringing binoculars. Animal Concerts are front runners in the space, pioneering the next evolution in concert streaming.

The Animal Concerts platform will utilize its own in-token economy, allowing users to pay for concerts, merchandise, and NFTs with the Animal token, participate in growing fan communities, create art, gaming, and music NFTs and more! Animal Concerts are doing more than just Metaverse concert streaming (as if that isn’t enough already!) They are digitizing and revolutionizing the live music industry!

From Our CEO
“When I first heard about what Animal Concerts had envisioned for the future of live concert streaming, it was difficult not to get excited and see the instant potential. The music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry on its own, combine that with virtual reality, Cryptocurrency and NFTs, and Animal Concerts has created a revolutionary, brand-new way for fans to experience live music and interact within the music community. We are very excited to be able to partner with the team on this visionary journey.” says Sheesha Finance CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki.

About Animal Concerts
360-degree cameras on stage give fans an immersive experience in the metaverse like never before, a new way for fans to experience live concerts from the comfort of their own home. Animal Concerts is bringing concerts and the music streaming industry to the metaverse in a big way, hosting performances from A-list stars in places like Decentraland and Netvrk. Be among the first to be chilling in the metaverse with your friends and enjoying live streamed shows from some of your favourite artists.

The artists will act as a marketing arm, promoting their concerts to their vast amount of social media followers, exposing millions of fans worldwide to the Animal Concerts platform and marketplace token, meaning this token could have massive value and potential.

The Animal token will be the currency used for purchasing tickets, NFTs, and merchandise. Each ticket will be an NFT, and there will be multiple NFTs available to be created, held, traded, and utilized on the platform. Platform discounts will be available for fans who hold ANML tokens, providing users with governance and voting rights, and fan interaction. Token holders will enjoy early access to NFTs, limited edition merchandise, free tickets, and other unique features and collectibles.

About Sheesha Finance
Sheesha Finance is a leading decentralized DeFi Staking Platform allowing for premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Sheesha Finance rewards investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders, with unlimited DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects. Sheesha Finance’s easily convertible assets can be freely utilized to maximize rewards and gain exposure to existing and upcoming DeFi projects. With plans to become a member-managed Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), Sheesha Finance is dedicated to upholding full transparency and integrity within the DeFi space.

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Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.