Sheesha Finance Partner Project: UKISS Technology

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4 min readFeb 17, 2022


Sheesha Finance is excited to partner with UKISS Technology.

UKISS is a next-gen digital security ecosystem that empowers individuals and corporations with secure and decentralised digital assets and documents protection.

Everyone has heard of the countless unfortunate computer hacking and data breaches in the cryptocurrency space. The dirty scoundrels behind such malicious attacks have left a stain on the entire sector, threatening both its reputation and valuable digital asset investments.

Cyber security threats have become a significant barrier to entry for many retail and institutional investors hoping to join the industry. In what many consider to be the “wild west” for investments, scammers and hackers are quick to exploit a variety of vulnerabilities.

Where can people turn to for protection from theft, exploits and human error? Like a knight in shining armour, that is where UKISS Technology comes in.

UKISS Technology is developing solutions that handle all of your security needs. Image via

UKISS has developed a suite of hardware and software solutions for digital asset protection and enterprise-level privacy security — tools that may restore security confidence in the industry. Anyone who has been in the crypto space long enough will say without a doubt that self-custody hardware wallet is the safest way to store funds. The same people will also likely tell you that existing hardware wallets available on the market are not user-friendly enough and cannot accommodate daily crypto needs.

UKISS has built upon existing hardware wallet technology and made it better, allowing users to safeguard their coins and assets with a unique pair of personal cryptographic key management devices known as Hugware®. With one serving as the Rescue Key, the device eliminates the need for recovery phrases. Users can now kiss phishing attacks goodbye.

But UKISS is more than just a hardware wallet brand, it is the backbone of an entire ecosystem bringing together convenience and utility for users through its Hugware and suite of digital security applications, adding features unheard of in many traditional hardware wallets.

Take a look at what the next evolution of crypto security looks like:

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From our CEO:
“Secure cryptocurrency storage is of the utmost importance and is something that should be taken seriously by every cryptocurrency holder. Just like the blockchain space itself, the technology behind crypto security is also rapidly evolving, with more secure and innovative ways of securing digital assets being developed over time. The UKISS team has come up with top-notch, enterprise-level technological solutions that changes the game when it comes to crypto security. We are proud to be part of this next evolution of crypto storage,” says Sheesha Finance, CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki.

About UKISS Technology
UKISS are the developers of the Hugware technology that has allowed for this future innovation of hardware wallet crypto storage. Users can safeguard all of their digital assets and personal data, along with protecting sensitive documents, making the UKISS wallet multi-functional and practical for everyday use.

Users can access the UKISS suite of applications that creates limitless use cases for their UKISS wallet, while utilising the native KISS tokens ($KISS) to access enhanced services, reap loyalty rewards, unlock membership benefits, earn staking rewards, mint NFTs, participate in governance and more.


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