Sheesha Finance Partner Project: Nitro League

Today, Sheesha is excited to partner with Nitro League.

Gamers with a need for speed are going to want to buckle up for this project. Nitro League is a high octane, adrenaline-pumping decentralized gaming Metaverse. The community earns tokens by racing futuristic cars competitively or exploring the multitude of in-game activities casually.

Nitro League will be the first high-quality, sustainable, and addictive NFT racing game on the market. The app will leverage the true power of blockchain technology to ensure that every aspect of the game is decentralized.

Players will be able to collect Nitro League cars, race them or trade them on any NFT marketplace. Players can flex their cars in the Metaverse, showing off in places like Decentraland.

Care for a preview? Check out the Nitro League Gameplay Trailer.

Players will be able to earn REP by winning matches. Reputation points increase a player’s XP, and XP will unlock the blueprints needed to build cars.

Cars will be upgradeable NFTs, built to have unique benefits and abilities. Thus increasing their value both on the racetrack and in the NFT marketplace. Items such as car parts, blueprints, garages, shops, factories, and more will also be unique NFTs within the game.

Scholarships will be available where NFT owners can sponsor other players to race their cars while sharing in the rewards.

Players can manage their profile as a racer, collector, shopkeeper, or any of the other roles available. Players will be able to import other NFTs that they own and show them as skins for their cars or show them off in their garage.

DAOs will allow players to create and join tribes in the game. They will also allow gamers to create their own tracks, tournaments, events, and more.

From Our CEO

“Play-to-Earn gaming and NFTs have revolutionized the entire gaming sector. Blockchain gaming is quickly becoming the natural evolution of the video game industry. Exciting games like Nitro League are going to bring more players into this space. We are really enthusiastic about the first-of-its-kind, amazing game that the Nitro team has created. We can see the massive potential behind their project.” — Sheesha Finance CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki.

About Nitro League

Nitro League is the first play-to-earn NFT racing game to be released to market. The high-quality and top-caliber game will be launching on mobile. With the popularity of racing games, combined with NFTs and play-to-earn, this game is sure to be a hit.

The Nitro League team knows what it takes to make an exciting mobile game as they have been developing games for decades. They’ve been responsible for launching highly successful gaming projects with over 500M downloads from app stores.

Players will be able to get involved with no KYC requirement and there will be a free-to-earn component. Gamers will be able to get involved without the need for the native token. There will also be scholarship options available, opening up opportunities for more players to get involved.

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