Sheesha Finance Partner Project: Greenlight

A Spotlight on… Greenlight

Blockchain technology and NFTs have taken over the digital art, memorabilia, gaming, and metaverse industries. Now, both are making their impactful and revolutionary debut in the world of films thanks to Greenlight. Greenlight is the first project of its kind. A blockchain-based gamified film NFTs creation and distribution system.

How Greenlight Provides Utility for Filmmakers

Greenlight allows filmmakers to mint their film content, creating digital NFTs.

  • Behind-the-scenes moments
  • One-of-a-kind access to deleted scenes
  • Movie artwork
  • Promotional material for upcoming and existing films

How Greenlight Benefits Investors and Film Lovers

Greenlight is the first platform that enables crypto investors to invest their crypto into new films and entertainment projects.

Some of the Features of the Greenlight Launchpad Image via

A Word From Our CEO

“It is amazing to see how NFTs are revolutionizing practically every legacy industry. These digital assets have proven use cases across multiple different sectors. I am really excited that Sheesha Finance is now part of Greenlight’s journey. We are looking forward to supporting them on this exciting project.”

Buy and Stake $SHEESHA to Earn Greenlight Tokens

Sheesha Finance is a leading DeFi Staking Platform. We provide premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Our platform rewards investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders. They receive DeFi tokens from a diversified portfolio of projects simply by staking $SHEESHA tokens.



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