Sheesha Finance Incubation Project: Nebu Exchange

Sheesha Finance is excited to discuss our incubation partnership with Nebu Exchange.

Nebu Exchange is the self-proclaimed world’s first gamified cryptocurrency exchange that seeks to offer users an unlimited pool of investment and education opportunities. Seeking to bridge the world between gaming and centralised cryptocurrency exchanges, Nebu Exchange is introducing a new exchange system to the masses.

Read on to learn more about our incubation partnership with Nebu Exchange.

Image Courtesy of Nebu Exchange.

What Is Nebu Exchange?

Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges have long remained hegemonic in their look, offerings, operations, and regulations. As a result, many retail investors are unable to tap into different user experiences and have a relatively restricted experience when trading. Obviously, unless they embark into the world of DeFi, which realistically, many investors do not have the knowledge to, or wish to, do so.

Nebu Exchange provides an alternative to this system. Recognising the complexity and mundanity of a majority of centralised exchanges, Nebu Exchange brings a gamified twist and an element of the metaverse to this industry. With the intention of targeting gamers from across the world, Nebu Exchange enables users to create interactive avatars to help them explore the trading platform, learn more about the industry, and access an untapped level of potential.

A gamified exchange for Web 3.0 assets, Nebu Exchange creates a secondary market for Web 3.0 projects (P2E/metaverse) and offers a gamified NFT marketplace for P2E and gaming tokens. With access to AI technology, users will also be able to interact with the platform more in-depth, thus granting them access to interactive learning to simplify the world of blockchain and introduce it to a new generation of users. “Nebu’s vision is to make trading accessible to everyone, and our goal is to onboard another 1 M users to the crypto world. Nebu will make trading not only fun thanks to gamifying the user experience, but also easy to understand with a super user-friendly dashboard. All of the trading mechanics will be explained by your personal assistant — we call him Trador — the AI-powered concierge” — says Adam Targos, Co-Founder of Nebu Exchange.

Image Courtesy of Nebu Exchange.

You can follow our partner on the following social platforms to stay up to date with everything they are doing:

· LinkedIn

· Twitter

· Discord

· YouTube

· Telegram

A Word from Our Founder

“Cryptocurrency trading shouldn’t have to be difficult — yet so many exchanges make it that way. With such a uniform structure across the entire ecosystem, it can be difficult for many new people to get involved in the space and learn as they go. Yet Nebu Exchange’s Nebuverse is set to reimagine this and increase accessibility to the tools and resources people need to properly engage with crypto in a fun way.” — Sheesha Finance CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki

Why Stake with Sheesha?

Sheesha Finance is a leading DeFi Staking Platform. We provide premium cryptocurrency portfolio diversification and rewards. Rewarding investors of any size, from small to large ticket holders, with DeFi tokens.

We have a robust Incubation program, Sheesha Foundry, with an extensive network of partners who are thought leaders in the crypto space. This allows us to support projects that are pushing crypto innovation as well as invest in them at an early stage.

Our easily convertible assets can be used to maximise rewards and gain exposure to existing and upcoming DeFi projects. With plans to become a member-managed Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), Sheesha Finance is dedicated to upholding full transparency and integrity within the DeFi space.

Sheesha staking can be done with $SHEESHA tokens. These can be purchased on Bancor, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and QuickSwap.

Stake now and passively earn tokens from some of the hottest projects in the crypto space.




Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance is one of the hottest projects in DeFi, bringing together a complete one-stop-shop for all decentralized finance needs.

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