Sheesha Finance AMA with Soccer City

As It Happened

Let’s get the ball rolling! Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself, such as your background and what it was that attracted you to crypto in the first place?




Amazing, thank you all for being here today. Soccer City is really taking Football Manager games to the next level. Could you please tell us more about the origins of the game?

What can players expect when they step into the Soccer City metaverse for the first time?

Tell us more about the P2E features, such as the different ways players can earn, how long it takes to start earning, etc.

One really cool feature for Soccer City is the ability to own your own business. How exactly will this work in-game?

Cool! Can you tell us more about purchasing real estate in Soccer City?

Seems like an amazing way to immerse players in the Metaverse world, for sure. The $SOCCR token is set to have its IDO event later this year. Can you tell us more about the token structure, and how people can get involved with the IDO?

Which real-world challenges does Soccer City help to solve?

What kind of perks can someone get for owning a Stadium NFT? Will the stadium be able to be upgraded later?

Do you plan something during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?


Until next time, Sheeshans!

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