Crypto Charities: How You Can Contribute to a Cause You Cherish

4 Reasons to Donate Your Crypto

Giving the Benefits of Crypto Without Its Volatility

Crypto Is Cheaper to Process

You Can Donate Securely and Conveniently

  1. Inputting an address or scanning a QR code to send your coins to
  2. Inputting the amount to send
  3. Typing in your spending password
  4. And hitting the send button

You Promote a more Transparent Charity System

Organizations that Accept Crypto Donations

The Giving Block

  • Impact Index Funds: Enabling you to support nonprofits aligned with a particular cause (mental health, civil and human rights, education, etc.).
  • Search nonprofits: Providing you with a database of crypto-friendly organisations for you to donate specifically to.

Save The Children

UNICEF’s CryptoFund


Khan Academy

Human Rights Foundation

The Red Cross

  • Conflict
  • Natural or man-made disasters
  • Persistent poverty

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