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12 min readMay 28, 2023

Welcome you all to the recap of Ask me Anything session between Sheesha Finance and our project partner, Blockunity.

On May 25, 2023, the COO of Blockunity, Denis Perin joined us to discuss about their project Blockunity.

The session was hosted by Nathan Cooper, Chief program and Innovation officer at Sheesha Finance.

Nathan: Its that time already! AMA…wow we had a great one previously with Algorand. Major major success and thanks to our community for firing away some great questions. Hi Denis, Welcome to Sheesha Finance Family. Where are you joining us from today?

Denis: Thanks for having me! I am currently in Germany, where spring has finally arrived! What about you?

Nathan: Fantastic! Im a big fan of Germany. Great home cooked comfort food and efficient cars and home of one of my fav bands Kraftwerk! Frankfurt airport i am not a fan of but thats another conversation for another day! Im calling in from Spain, not so springy today however things should brighten up this week! We have truly an international crowd here today so let’s kick things off!

Nathan: Im a big fan of simplifying things for the average person to really grasp, so with that in mind can you tell us in the most complete direct fashion so that anyone can understand, What is Block Unity?

Denis: We are developing an all-in-one platform, aiming to unify all the tools needed by crypto investors in one place. This platform is called Blockunity, and will therefore cover 3 main

segments: The pre-trade analysis, by offering numerous aggregated and democratized data, coming from several different sources (market, fundamental, technical, sentimental or even on-chain).

  • The trading part, by offering highly advanced back testing algorithms and automated bots.
  • And the post-trade tracking, allowing users to have a view of all of their investments, whether centralized or decentralized, in the smallest details. All this is paired by an innovative economic model, supported by a utility token (with the symbol BKU), which mainly allows holders to benefit from our services.

Nathan: This is the crux of what we want here. This is the explanation of what Blockunity is and what it does for the user! Thank you for explaining this to us. Every startup, every business has an underlying philosophy.

Can you articulate the underlying philosophy and driving force behind your web3 startup?

Denis: We strongly believe in the revolution that are blockchain and cryptocurrencies. That’s why we created Blockunity: to grow this ecosystem that we trust and constantly push the limits of these technologies, while participating in the construction of tomorrow’s world. With Blockunity, our goal is to educate people about the market and show people that with methods and rigor, everyone can navigate through the market in a serene way.

Nathan: I can agree with your thoughts here on blockchain and crypto. We are not even at the tip of the iceberg yet so to be part of this is a fantastic opportunity. And yes education is key and thats why I always like to simplify what can often be complex for some people to grasp. Any good business should be able to be understood by anyone

Nathan: Now onto inspiration. It’s a wonderful thing to be inspired and to also inspire. “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” said Theodore Roosevelt. I always have this in the back of my mind.

What inspired you to pursue this particular solution and how did you develop a personal connection to the project?

Denis: With our past experience in the field of cryptos, we saw the ecosystem build itself and we were able to identify the forces and weaknesses of current actors. As crypto investors and regular users in this field, we needed a complete tool enabling us to facilitate our journey.

Nathan: So you saw a problem, with you as an investors and wanted to fix that gap!

Can you elaborate on the specific pain points and challenges that your solution aims to address?

Denis: We solve the problem of service fragmentation within the crypto universe, being a major impediment to mainstream adoption of this environment.

Many diverse and varied data from different sources without being centralized.

- Data are sometimes incorrect.

- Users do not understand the displayed data.

Denis: Many players trade at a loss because they do not follow strategies and do not have risk management. Most crypto investors have poor portfolio tracking.

Nathan: Fragmentation of data is something which we are all familiar with. We all live in a world now where we want things all in one place. We want 1 super app that does everything. We want to have streaming all on one device etc.

None of this happens without data aggregation! I wanted to give a bit of an explanation from someone who has studied this field extensively and worked in data aggregation in some way shape or form from the business side for many many years so that our community get some perspective.

Data aggregation as we know It has played a vital role in the digital age, enabling organizations and people to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights. This is what Blockunity are doing. Let’s be clear here, the importance of data aggregation should and cannot be overstated, as it has revolutionized numerous aspects of our lives without even realising it!

Denis: Exactly! And having actual quality data is also tough to find sometimes depending of different factors

Nathan: When we were introduced to Blockunity way back in 2022 when we began working and supporting you and the team, we immediately believed in what you were trying to achieve and how meaningful it would be for us to work with you and for our community to be part of. Blockunity holds significant importance for people who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies (that’s most of us here) and utilizing data aggregation for market analysis, trading, and portfolio management. Apologies for the long words but wanted to express how excited we are to see such a good project moving fwd.

What was the process and criteria used to determine which blockchain platform you will be on and what is best suited for the implementation of your business?

Denis: We are currently still looking for a blockchain to deploy on. Our main goal is for our holders to have the best experience using our platform, so low fees and high security are obviously the main factors. So Polygon, BNB Chain or Algorand (which was on our spot two weeks ago) are definitely the top chains that pop up. But we also are looking for potential newer chains, like Aptos or Venom, to build together the future of our field.

Nathan: Very interesting so yet to be decided and there are plenty of good options there for you. Venom, for all you who don’t know is a scalable blockchain solution that is designed to meet the needs of real-world applications

Nathan: Now onto a bit of market fit — How do you see your solution fitting into and impacting the larger market landscape, both domestically and internationally?

Denis: Blockunity will be a new actor in the field of crypto assets, data and indicator providers, trading bot, as well as portfolio management tools. It will be the first platform to combine these functionalities. The screeners and technical algorithms are aimed at professional and amateur traders and investors. Traders considered professional represent roughly 2 million users. Amateurs who could potentially subscribe to this type of service vary with a consequent turnover depending on the market cycles and represent around 10 million potential users. Trading bots have gained considerable momentum in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Roughly 28% of crypto traders use trading robots, so again, a significant amount. As for the portfolio management tools, more than 10 million people currently use an application dedicated to this task.

Nathan: Thanks for the detailed explanation.

So having explained all of this, can you provide a clear and concise overview of your project again, tell the community what you are offering and how you address the real problem that you found? And speak about how the token is used too!

Denis: Sure! We develop an all-in-one platform which comprises the three main parts of a traders journey:

- the pre-trade analysis, with advanced data coming from the projects

- the trading part, where you can build, test and optimize trading strategies.

- and the post trade tracking, to follow all of your trades and assets on centralized and decentralized environments

Denis: Our token, the BKU, has many use-cases. Mainly, it allows the holder to benefit from all the services of the Blockunity platform, giving access to analysis, trading, and tracking features. The token allows to create a privileged lifelong access to the platform due to the limited quantity of tokens and clearly defined access levels.

It also allows to pay the fees related to the use of the trading bots. Participate in the governance system or also use our strategy marketplace, which will enable strategy creator to rent their strategies in exchange for $BKU. And finally, on a B2B level, companies using our services can pay for them using the token

Nathan: Some great token utilities there indeed! As we are your Strategic Advisor in the journey and evolution of your project it is very important for us to be there every step of the way. Your success is our success and we are keen to see your project grow especially beyond listing.

What are your expectation and projection for the future growth and trajectory of the token price?

Denis: It is always difficult to predict a price, especially in the long term and with the current macro environment. But still, our tokenomics is built in a way that is beneficial for our investors. We have a capped supply of 40M, 25% of which are currently available in our ICO.

Of course different ICO phases involve different locking and vesting schemes. We will implement 3 different burning mechanisms as well which are all independent of each other.

Also, with our highest tier, the tier 4, just by holding these 10,000 tokens, you get a lifelong access to the platform. So we believe these people entering early will be strong hands and will keep their bag as long as possible.

Nathan: Nice! rewarding your most loyal users! So lets move on to the perspective of the investor. That could be any of the community here!

Can you highlight the unique benefits and advantages that investors like us, can expect to receive due to participating in Blockunity?

Denis: Early investors already benefit from access to our platform which is currently in a private beta version. Also, the first in-house built indicators are available to them, or how we call them, the Unyx Data. Currently we have developed 10 Unyx Data indicators, which people can secure a lifelong access to by investing in a T3. At our current ICO phase, this represents an investment of 630$, for the current Data and the ones coming in the future. By being early in the project, you have a strong voice to guide the project in the next steps to make, to give us feedback and see us, the project, the community and the team, grow as a whole.

Nathan: Thanks for this! Some great information there, so now onto scalability. We are always wondering about this for good projects like yours.

As you want our community and other users and investors to be with you in the longterm.

How does your project approach the issue of scalability and ensure its sustainability over the long-term?

Denis: We have a clear roadmap and strategy that takes into account potential challenges and risks ensuring our sustainability and growth over the long term. We also maintain a team of experienced developers who regularly optimize and improve our systems to offer always more features to widen our panel of offers. Last but not least, through strategic partnerships we will expand our network and always stay on top of our game.

Nathan: Of course! We have not only an extensive network here at Sheesha but the network we have has been curated since inception where we focus on those connections that add real value to our ecosystem which obviously now includes yourselves. And we do have some exciting new strategic partnerships to announce in the near future! We have eaten up alot of time here but some great answers so I wont keep you much longer.

Finally, can you speak to the level of decentralization and community involvement in the decision-making process of this project?

Denis: As already hinted earlier, we will introduce a governance system to empower our token holders. Each user will have a specific number of votes depending on their tier. Whether it is marketing choices, interfacing, roadmap layout, adding new features, or critical tokenomics decisions, the range of topics addressed in our governance module will be broad.

Abhishek: That was a very great insight about the project Denis. I hope our community has enjoyed a lot knowing about such an amazing technology.

Now we are opening up the floor for the community.

We would like to invite all our community members to ask their desired questions about Block-unity



Roy: Give me your top 3 features why investors should invest in your project?

Denis: For now on what is live definitely the Unyx Data, the portfolio tracker and the strategy builder which is heaps of fun to work with!

Blink: Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or is it only appealing to professional users?

Denis: It is suitable for crypto beginners definitely! We try to make this difficult to understand world as easy to navigate as possible for everyone

Gustavo Winter: Does Blockunity plan to have an ambassador or content creator program?

Denis: We currently have an affiliation program for our early investors, they can share their link and win 5% in return for each new subscription made.

Timmy: When building such a complex project, where u have to address so many different areas in order to be successful, which part of this entire undertaking is the most difficult & most stressful for you? Where are the biggest challenges? Is it software development, bizdev, security, competition, market trends, sth else?

Denis: Thanks for the warm words! To build on an earlier answer, we thrive to make our platform easy to use and to understand, so the whole UI/UX aspect is challenging! But we have an amazing team which is creative for these problematics

Yash: Can you please highlight the most amazing feature of the platform?

Denis: This feature isn’t live yet, but the automated trading bots will be amazing to use! And from what is currently live, as said, the strategy builder, backtester and optimizer is my personal favorite.

Cryptraver: Which one of these aspects important for you? 1-Increasing Token Price&Value 2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership Globally.

Denis: I think all four aspects work hand in hand, like a reinforcing feedback loop, one aspect growing pushes the others etc.

Blink: Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future? Do you have any Anti-dump mechanism for holders who may want to dump during pump?

Denis: We will have a buy back & burn system yes! And with our long and gradually increase distribution scheme we feel pretty confident on avoiding huge dumps.

if the tokenomics interests you more feel free to check our discovery page!

Abhishek: Ohh that was a fantastic session. And I really enjoyed the simple answers to such a high and complicated technology. I would firstly like to thank @BKUDenP for joining us today here. We really appreciate you being here and sharing about Blockunity. We wish you all the best with the project. Also, would like to thank @TheDeFiDoctor for hosting this AMA session and helping us to know more about Blockunity. Lastly, big thanks to our beloved community for sparing their valuable time attending this session and asking some amazing questions. Have a great evening.

Denis: Thanks everyone for joining us! If you feel like knowing more about Blockunity and the people behind it feel free to join us on our



And let’s continue the conversation there.

Also a huge thanks to @TheDeFiDoctor and the whole team at Sheesha finance for organizing this and always being accessible for us when needed! Enjoy the rest of your day


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